Pondering the Future

The year 2018 has come inlike a lion to the Northeast this year, and once agin I attempt to bring warm swing thoughts as you read this letter by your wood stove. Hopefully, this letter doesn’t become fuel for your home too soon. Every year I search for some pearls of wisdom to impart to the membership, but I think the cold snap froze my creative juices. Nonetheless, I would like to give you some positive news about the upcoming year at Shephard Hills. There are a few topics of interest that will be addressed, and we are always trying to make your golfing experience better.

First off, we have had three straight years of increased membership. Hey, that’s more people for the afternoon scramble!

Second, I would like to address the topic of food and beverage. Last year, James Chapman took over the F&B operation. He brought in a menu which many golfers considered a little too exotic and pricey for their tastes. I will be working with James to establish a menu more in line with the hungry golfer. Burgers, fries, and sandwiches have always ruled the golf course. Please support the restaurant.

Third, I have purchased some additional equipment for the course. The first piece is a 51 horsepower rough mower with an 11 foot cutting width. This will increase our cutting capacity and decrease the time needed to cut the rough. Improvement in efficiency will enable our grounds crew to take care of other conditioning issues. Also, having two large rough mowers gives us a backup in case of a breakdown. The other purchase was a set of verticutters for our Greens King VI. This will help in removing thatch from our greens and promote better growth. It should also help improve the SPEED of your putts. All the fairway mower and greens mower reels have been sharpened and repaired for the upcoming season. Even if you are having a bad golf day, we’ll insure you at least have a good lie.

Finally, I would like to address the title of this letter. The future of Golf as well as the existence of Shephard Hills is dependent upon the youth of our communities. Our PGA professional, Gordie Faulkner, has long been a proponent of Junior Golf. Shephard Hills stands behind Catskill Mountain Junior Golf, and we will fully participate in supporting the Junior Golf effort. Many great junior golfers have gone through Shephard Hills, and I have been privileged to watch them grow. These KIDS are GOOD! By the way, I found out that our own Isaac Walker shot a 77 to win the Delhi junior tournament last fall. That beat my best.

I hope to see you on the course this spring!

Yours truly,

Frank J. Adamiak


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