Mirrors and Windshields

In a car, each of the above components is necessary to help us see where we have been and where we are going. My mirror is now 19 years old, and a lot has been learned. One of my fondest reflections is that of Larry Stewart.

“I hate Golfers!” was perhaps my favorite quote from Larry. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Larry truly loved Shephard Hills and the people who played there. There are no pearls of wisdom I can offer to soothe the loss and Roxbury has lost what I have coined another “Character.” I speak of this in an endearing way. In the 54 years my family has been in Roxbury, the Characters of Roxbury have defined the unique charm that only small towns possess. Anybody up for a MomBooloo? It’s the only time Larry played.
Moving on, there are some improvements that we will be attempting to complete this year.

Being on the mountain, we survived the heavy rains of last summer and the course should be in good shape at the beginning of the season. There will be two more golf carts added to the fleet this year as we continue to retire older carts. The fringes around the greens will be easier to maintain with a new set of reels for the greens mower. The new reels will be set at fringe height, and it will be easy to switch reels from the mower. Less scalping, better chips.

The unused practice green sod will be used to expand the flat fringe of #2 green. Any bad spots on other greens will also be repaired. Treatment of the greens will still be taken care of by Mike Faulkner.
Cart path improvement has been a perennial issue and will be in the plan. Number 7 has been on the radar for some time now and this will probably be the first one we tackle. It will also be the most time consuming and expensive of all the paths. The main objective will be to enable carts to be used after inclement weather — especially on the hilly spots.

Since Staten Island Chuck predicted an early spring, we hope to get a good start on getting the course ready for the season. The membership rates have stayed the same since last year and our best incentive is to offer you Prime Golf. Savor every shot. Any new golf leagues will be welcomed and the pro shop staff will help with setting up new members. There will be activity at the clubhouse, hopefully by the first week of March, and phone service will also be turned on. Yes, I know. We have to change the message greeting. It’s on the to-do list.

The Shephard Hills staff looks forward to providing a wonderful golf experience for 2019 and we look forward to helping you find your ball in the cup.

Frank J. Adamiak

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